Top Tips from Ashgrove

Here are top tips to consider when having a new kitchen designed:

What are the main reasons why customers choose to come to you particularly?

It’s very rare to say but Ashgrove are still and always have been a home grown business, employing traditional methods of construction and manufacturing from our factory in Credition. This allows us to be flexible and truly bespoke in the services which can offer our clients. We feel listen to our clients ideas, working closely with them through all the stages, from design to completion, to ensure a completely successful project; and a unique kitchen.

What are the big kitchen trends at the moment?

Kitchen trends very popular at the moment include two-tone colour in kitchens with the Shaker style doors. Although the range of colours available is so vast, we find each customer has their own idea of colour which makes it hard to define what a trend is.

Worktop wise quartz tops are a growth market for Ashgrove. Layout is very much down to the size of the room and windows

Are there any items of kitchen equipment that are becoming a particular must-have?

If it is possible to fit, the range cookers are much sort after. Ashgrove is currently working with Exeter based Hearth & Cook who supply Esse and La Cornue ranges.

What are the big mistakes that people make when doing up their kitchens?

One of the benefits of working with Ashgrove is that we will listen to your ideas and work closely with you from the very beginning through all stages, from design to completion, to ensure a completely successful outcome – this ensures mistakes aren’t made.

What’s the best way to cope with storage?

There seems to never ending solutions to kitchen storage to de clutter and tidy the area. Built in appliances continue to be trendy as well as tall pull out units which give great storage in a compact/ slender width. Custom pull outs can include cutlery storage, wine stowaways and even pet food drawers!

What budget do I need for an Ashgrove Kitchen?

Because Ashgrove manufacture in house we can address the issue of budget very readily. With smaller budgets we help the customer choose what they can afford, with larger budgets we talk to the customers about their likes and dislikes, this give us an idea of what they want to spend.
Although Ashgrove core business is bespoke we are pleased to say our ranges can also compete with the high street names so never think you can’t afford an Ashgrove kitchen because you can.

Where is it possible to make smart savings when trying to stick to a budget?

We always encourage customers to be up front about the budget they have to spend to allow us to meet their expectations without too much compromise. Smart savings can be made by not adding accessories, in terms of splurging then appliances, technology and the more expensive accessories can be added –customers can add items from their wish list rather than their necessity list.

How have trends changed over the last couple of years? 

After years of designing traditional kitchen there has been a move towards contemporary design and indeed a mixture of the 2. Many clients also have their own ideas about incorporating a unique feature or centre piece whether it is a piece of art or a grand appliance.

What do the next few years hold; what are the emerging trends or needs?

Emerging kitchen trends can inspire and influence the design of your new kitchen. In appliances innovative technology see the arrival of boiling water taps replacing traditional small kitchen appliance and the use of induction hobs replacing the traditional ceramic tops.

In kitchen colours painted greys are emerging as a trend but, Earth colours Ivory are still very popular. In general home living spaces are becoming more open plan and including in the kitchen area

What do you think puts people off redesigning/investing in their kitchen?

Today people will spend money on new kitchens which in turn enhances their property and give them an environment to live in and enjoy. Today’s kitchen is one of the most important social rooms and focus of the house where cooking and entertaining comes together.

What other benefit (besides aesthetics) does a kitchen redesign bring?

A new design brings a kitchen the customer wants in terms of the layout and colour plus functionality

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